Our Capabilities

Over the years, Allied Tech have developed our core capabilities from a metal specialist into a vertically integrated precision manufacturing service including design and product development, prototyping services, tool and die fabrication, plastic injection moulding, mechanical sub-assembly and metal surface finishing services.

  1. Product Design & Development

  2. Prototyping and Soft Tool Manufacturing

  3. Tool & Die Design and Fabrication

  4. Precision Metal Stamping

  5. Plastic Injection Moulding

  6. Component Surface Finishing Process (Powder Coating, Anodising, Electrochemical process on metal components)

  7. Mechanical Assembly

  8. Surface Mount Technology Process

  9. Full progressive tools for precision parts range from 45 tons to 400 tons power presses.

  10. In-Die tapping; In-Die Insertion, In-Die Tapping, In-Die Assembly

  11. Milling process; Printer product, Tape recorder