About Allied Tech

We provide vertically integrated precision manufacturing services

We provide integrated manufacturing services ranging from design and product development prototyping, tool and die fabrication, production and mechanical sub-assembly services to cater to the different needs of our customers who are mainly in the computer and computer peripherals industries. We offer mechanical sub-assembly services by combining the metal parts produced by us with such other parts designated by our customers to form a semi-finished product. Our vertically integrated services have enabled us to be more responsive to the needs of our customers.

We have product design and development capabilities

Apart from providing tool and die fabrication and precision manufacturing services, we also have the capability to translate an idea or concept described by our customers into a tangible design of a metal part with the necessary technical drawings and specifications. In addition, we are able to produce prototypes of the metal parts which fit our customers' requirements. Our early involvement in our customers' product development stage allows us to provide feedback and suggestions on product design and manufacturability, so that our customers are able to produce quality products at competitive prices with a short lead time.

We have tool and die design and fabrication capabilities

We have the manufacturing and engineering capabilities to provide customers with quality tool and die design and fabrication services. We believe that our tool and die design and fabrication capabilities will contribute to our continued competitiveness and profitability.

We operate in countries with low cost structures

As part of our continuing effort to lower our operating costs, we have located some of our labour intensive manufacturing operations in Malaysia, Vietnam and the PRC. We will continue to improve our cost competitiveness, including setting up new production facilities in places with low cost of production within the region. In this regard, we have plans to expand our operations in Shanghai, Suzhou and Vietnam.

Our production facilities are located close to our customers' operations

By locating our production facilities close to our customers' operations, we are able to respond to their needs quickly and provide just-in-time delivery services. This enables us to serve them more effectively, with a shorter lead time for the production of their products.